Some Celebrate Healthcare Ruling

MEDFORD, Ore. — As Southern Oregon politicians are responding to the Supreme Court’s decision and insurance brokers and hospitals are preparing for changes. While the Affordable Care Act is still in place, many are rejoicing for the movement toward a universal health care program.

Though critics have called the reform, “Obamacare,” supporters are reclaiming the term, proud of the name. For many, the reform has allowed them to keep their health coverage when they would not be able to otherwise. Some at Vogel Plaza have already had experiences making them anxious and now grateful for the laws affirmation.

One mother, Treasa Cordero Runzi, told her own personal story related to the health care law. This spring, her 21-year-old son went to the hospital with stomach pains. Doctors performed emergency surgery that night, and he was in the hospital for nearly two weeks. At the end of the stay, he had accumulated a bill of $100,000.

“…was taken care of with that piece of mind because he was covered if this would have happened the last year, this same situation he would not have been covered,” Runzi said.

Those at the rally Thursday afternoon said they were pleasantly surprised by the ruling. Most there agree it’s great progress, but still believe there’s a long way to go for true health care reform.