Solar Panels Installed in Medford Park

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford Parks and Recreation showed off new solar panels at the Oregon Hills Park off of East McAndrews Road today. The Medford City Council and Mayor Gary Wheeler held a ceremony Thursday to welcome the panels.

Lead installer with Renewable Energy Systems, Kirpal Khalsa said it’s a great location for the panels. “The building is turned at the right direction, the slope of the roof is at the right angle and it’s a beautiful wide open horizon to horizon view of the sun,” he said.

The park’s picnic shelter has 12 3.3kW panels sitting on its top. According to Mayor Gary Wheeler, Pacific Power’s Blue Sky Program paid for the project after community members pledged to support sustainability.

“We had to come up with at least a 25% increase in the number of people participating in the Blue Sky Program for us to qualify for the solar panels and we hit 30%, which was very good.”

Wheeler hopes this project inspired even more Medford home and business owners to install solar panels. But the engineer behind this installation says people in the area are already on board.

“We have seen a dramatic increase. This year we’re set to install significantly more uh total power of systems than in any of our previous years of doing this. The prices have come down significantly to make it more graspable [sic] for ordinary folks. There’s just a lot more support and awareness within the community,” said Khalsa.

The set at Oregon Hills Park can generate enough energy to power an average home for a third of the year. Any extra energy will be put back into the grid.

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