Snowmobilers Hit the Southern Oregon

MEDFORD, Ore. — This weekend marks the end of a state convention for winter sports fanatics. Hundreds of snowmobilers from all across Oregon participated in the convention, held in part at the Jackson County Expo.

The event started Tuesday with trail rides near Diamond Lake and Thousand Springs. Friday and Saturday, vendors set up for the fair. Athletes could find new snowmobile equipment on display at the Expo.

The Rogue Snowmobilers put on the Oregon State Snowmobile Association State Convention to try and get more people to join the club. “It’s not what people think when they think of snomobiling as an off road, kind of rough sport. It’s a lot of fun. It takes you places that you wouldn’t normally go. You can ride to the Crater Lake Rim and just see areas that other people can’t,” said Rogue Snowmobilers President Brian Gabaldon.