Snow has Ended & Now Comes the Cold!

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Now that the snow has finished falling, we talk about the bitter cold temperatures that will move in with clearing clouds tonight. Helping aid the cooling of the cold airmass will be the snow on the ground, snow cover will help in rapid radiational cooling after dark, as the sky clears out at night and keep temperatures cooler during the day.

Temperatures Sunday morning will plummet to the coldest of the season with sub-zero temperatures for the east side and some of the mountain locations, single digits for the west side valleys and mid to low-20s even at the coast. Wind chills could be as cold as 15 to 20 below zero for the east side and mountain locations. Limit outdoor activity, stay indoors and keep warm. Temperatures will be cold enough for pipes to burst and precautions should be made as well to keep outdoor livestock warm with drinkable water. Snow will turn to ice on many roads with areas of black ice through the weekend, avoid travel when possible, carry chains and have extra supplies with you in case you get stuck in the cold. Kitty litter is a good way to get traction if you do get stuck in the snow, carry a shovel, extra food and water especially when heading over the high country.

Gradual warming closer to seasonal averages will return by late week with another chance for rain and snow late Wednesday into Thursday. Showers overnight Wednesday could bring more snow to the valleys but will switch over to rain for Thursday with snow levels higher than today close to 4,000 feet.

Stay tuned to Newswatch12 all weekend long for road conditions and the cold temperatures. Keep sending in your photos on Facebook and Twitter and let me know how much snow you saw in your city! Thanks for logging on and stay safe and warm this weekend!

Meteorologist Megan Parry