Snow Creates Concerns For Driving

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SISKIYOU SUMMIT, Ore. – Interstate 5 is snow-free as of Tuesday evening, and as drivers continue up toward the Siskiyou Summit, most seem to be moving cautiously and smoothly.

Oregon Department of Transportation officials said they have all hands on deck and are ready to work through whatever Mother Nature throws their way this holiday weekend.

NewsWatch12 spoke with one driver from Yreka who said she makes the trek over the pass about twice a month, but during the holidays she goes as often as once a week. She said the conditions on Tuesday didn’t cause her much trouble.

The Oregon part of the pass was worse than the California part, which is some of the reason O-DOT officials began a pilot program where salt can be used, under very specific circumstances. Salt would only be used to melt a snow pack of about two inches down to the pavement. Salt is only used on roads with temperatures in the 20 to 30 degree range and neither salt nor deicer is used if temperatures drop below 20 degrees.

O-DOT officials recommend leaving with plenty of time to get to your destination and to be prepared with chains and warm clothes.