Snow, Crash Shut Down I-5 for Hours

HUGO, Ore., – A crash near the Sexton Summit forced Interstate 5 to close for several hours Thursday, and left a line of cars stretched for miles as vehicles were forced to leave the freeway.

The crash, which occurred while the summit was being pummeled with heavy snow, shut down all northbound and southbound lanes around noon, for a 30-mile stretch between Hugo and Canyonville . The freeway stayed closed until approximately 7 p.m.

Northbound drivers were forced to get off I-5 at the Hugo exit, as ODOT snow plows went through, trying to clear the closed stretch. Some drivers went back south on I-5, while others drove to Merlin and other nearby areas to wait until the freeway reopened.

The Wolf Creek Inn opened its doors and provided cots and shelter for anyone who was stranded because of the shutdown.

The cause of the crash was not immediately available Thursday night.


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  1. Geoff says:

    This is a HINT to people from California: SLOW DOWN. Simple. Just because you can drive 85 mph is no reason you should. The next corner is at a higher elevation and has ice. Black ice is not a rap star. SLOW DOWN….people die because of your behavior. Grow up and slow down.

  2. Lisa says:

    Right On, Geoff!

  3. rotha jane says:

    Geoff- EVERYONE should slow down, I see plenty of oregon plates with idiot drivers

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