SNAP Benefits to be Cut This Week

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Oregon Trail card holders will be seeing a cut in their SNAP benefits in the next few days.

The expiration of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act will leave those families with about 5-6% less money each month. Of the over eight hundred thousand Oregonians receiving snap benefits, many have difficulty putting healthy food on the plate.

Debbie Preston, one card holder in the area, says her monthly allowance of $106 only lasts her the first two to three weeks of the month.

“I think it averages out to about a $1.30 a day per meal,” said Preston. “So you have to figure you’re getting all of maybe $4.50 a day to survive on.”

Preston, along with all other SNAP card holders across the country received letters in the mail saying that their benefits will drop starting November 1st.

The average drop for a family of four is about $40 a month.

“It might seem like nothing to you and me, but let’s say if you have a family of four, $44 is quite a bit,” said Nancy Murrish, owner of Medford’s Peach Street Market.

The Peach Street Market, serves many of those cardholders. Murrish says about a third of her customers receive benefits.

And If they have less money, so could she.

“Our business will be impacted, but of course you just have to roll with the punches on that,” said Murrish.

Unless Congress makes an unlikely move to intervene, about 47 million Americans will find themselves having to make due.

But Preston says that’s something she’s already learned to accomplish.

“You count your blessings,” said Preston. “And I hope to be off of it soon, so you just make the best of it.”

According to USDA research, about 500,000 additional families nationwide will have to skip meals or eat less due to budget constraints because of these cuts to SNAP benefits.


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  1. chad rogers says:

    [Comment Deleted]

    1. Bobby says:

      Chad, you do realize that you have just made about 47 million people a little pissed off at you for your comment, I would say you just might be one of the most hated Americans in the USA today.

  2. susan says:

    I work in retail and see a lot of food stamps being spent on foolish things,like candy, soda, energy drinks,five or 6 deli sandwiches costing 40 to 50 dollars instead of making sandwiches at home.So as a tax payer I am glad they are cutting some money,because families are not using them right to begin with.

  3. Rene says:

    This program was originally put together to ASSIST families when they fell on hard times, it was never meant to be a way of life generation after generation. I can’t figure out how totally able bodies that can work without any dependents are even on this program. Have I used the assistance. Yes, however I have worked all my life since the law allowed and put into the system and I have never just sat on my A$$ and collected any assistance, I have worked even with the assistance. Someone please tell me why I have to drug test for a job and half of the idiots on the program sit at home smoke weed, shoot heroin, smoke meth and still get to collect? Fix the problem, fix the program back to its original form. I know of a few young adults that as soon as they turn 18 head straight to the office and apply for the program while still living at home, a home that also is on the program. What happened to teaching your children to take care of themselves, have a better life then you have. I have been a struggling mother, that’s what we do, but those that complain because it was cut need a reality check, the program is an ASSISTANCE program, not a feed your entire family and those all piled into your house. I love how it says people wont be able to eat healthy,… have you ever seen 3 carts full of groceries paid by snap and see healthy food in them? I haven’t, I have seen sugar, soda, pizza and box easy to make meals. Learn how to actually cook and maybe just maybe all these kids will have a chance at a healthy lifestyle. Yes I have been there, my point is BEEN there, I unlike most didn’t take advantage of the system (everyone knows how this works and works it well) I am so sick of hearing all these ppl that feel they are entitled to anything they have never put into.

  4. Rene says:

    The report here is misleading, yes all received a letter of possible reduction in their benefits, what the report here isn’t telling everyone is that they are reducing those with no dependents and collecting SNAP with zero income, while I can see this being an issue , at least those single people can be thankful they at least get something to help and don’t have to worry about feeding children as well. I could be wrong, but that’s how I read the letter that was brought into me by a customer. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong

  5. CherylB says:

    Welfare is supposed to be an ASSISTANCE program, it’s NOT supposed to provide for everything.

  6. CPF says:

    Many of those with zero countable income are handicapped and elderly. They are families without dependents. You want them to do without food simply because SNAP is supposed to be “assistance”? For a senior citizen on the minimum SS payment and ordinary expenses like rent, the issue is NOT spending SNAP funds on junk food or ‘not knowing how to cook’, the issue is being able to eat even.enough to remain healthy.

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