Smoky Skies Again

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A small area of low pressure has formed off the coast of Northern California, and with the counter-clockwise flow, it is making the upper level winds shift to a southern flow. This is the culprit for the smoke in the Rogue Valley and the Southern Klamath Basin. All location in the Rogue Valley are in the “moderate” Air Quality category as well as Chiloquin, Klamath Falls, and Lakeview. Northern California has it significantly worse. Because of the proximity to the fires, the weaker surface winds are not mixing out the smoke. Instead, they are spreading out the dense smoke to surrounding cities. Happy Camp and Etna are the two hotspots for smoke, as they are very close to the fire complexes.

Weather-wise, we will be getting a few disturbances from this upper level low starting Sunday afternoon. This system is bringing in enough moisture and instability, to create isolated thunderstorms. This will start Sunday afternoon in the Cascades. Monday will bring a better chance, however. This will happen in the afternoon when we collect enough daytime heating. After Monday, things seem to calm a bit, and we get back to mostly sunny skies. Temperatures seem to be cooling too. Expect the upper 80’s in the Rogue Valley starting Wednesday.

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Meteorologist Seth Phillips

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