Smoke Not Impacting Crops

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CENTRAL¬†POINT, Ore. — A thick layer of smoke still blankets the air, but according to farmers, the smoke is not affecting their crop.

At Seven Oaks Farm in Central Point, customers picked through a selection of fresh melons, peppers, peaches, and other produce.

According to Seven Oaks Farm owner, Jerry Mefford, the only thing the smoke is doing to his crop is slowing down the ripening process.

Across town at Medford Pear Orchard, the farm manager John Neilsen said he is experiencing the same thing.

“If this orchard was right next to the fire then the heat and smoke might have some effect, but we’re a few miles away from the fire itself,” said Neilsen.

According to both Mefford and Neilsen, the produce being grown in the smoke will not taste like smoke.

“They are processed, washed and everything before they are canned… so the pears will be washed so I don’t think anything on the surface is going to be a problem,” said Neilsen.