Smoke Hanging Over Valley

TWO BULLS 3NEAR ASHLAND, Ore. — The Two Bulls fire isn’t close to the Rogue Valley, but increasing smoke blowing our way could be seen from early Sunday morning.

Fire investigators near the Green Springs checked the area for any signs of fire, but according to Oregon Department of Forestry, all that smoke making its way into the valley is blowing from the fire near Bend.

Residents in Ashland and near the Green Springs said they’re glad there’s no fire threat, but all the smoke is concerning.

“I mean it’s definitely making me concerned, because I was just thinking this morning, ‘Wow, we are entering fire season, we’re already in fire season and it’s possible that any day now something could spark up,'” said Green Springs resident Jennifer Jensen.

Jensen also said she knows the volunteer fire department near her home sends alerts when there are fire threats. If this is any preview of what’s ahead, Jensen said she’s glad she already did her burns and prep-work for fire season.