“Smoke-Free Cars For Kids” Bill Passes

Smoking in CarsSALEM, Ore. — A bill making smoking with a minor in the car illegal passed the Oregon House on Monday with bipartisan support and now moves to Governor Kitzhaber’s desk.

Senate Bill 444A also dubbed the “Smoke-Free Cars For Kids” Bill aims to cut down on the potential second-hand smoke a child breathes in.

A report from the Oregon Health Authority shows an estimated 50,000 Oregon families are exposed to second hand smoke in vehicles. Here in the Rogue Valley, some say it is a good idea, but it may be difficult to enforce.

“I do think it’s a great idea, I just don’t know how they’re going to enforce that is my only question,” said local mother Tabbitha Bruce. “Is it going to take more of the policeman’s time that we really don’t have?”

The bill previously passed the Oregon Senate in March.


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  1. darlene says:

    Its about time, Maybe when the kids grow up they will be healther.

  2. Michael Huffman says:

    So Tabitha you think that saving a child from second hand smoke would be a waste of the officers time. Are you kidding me. I think this is a wonderful idea and saving a child from the dangers of second hand smoke IS NOT a waste of time. And enforcing a law is not a waste of time that’s what officers get paid to do.

  3. thirteenburn says:

    Just another in a LONG list of reasons I’m glad I no longer live in The People’s Republik of Oregonski.

    This has to be the WORST “nanny-state” in the entire U.S., say nothing of possibly the world. Once again, the supposed “powers” that be seem to be hell-bent on inserting their noses straight up the arses of the masses and the masses are just too stupid to not vote any longer for said “powers” that be. And this most DEFINITELY includes the feckless cuckold and uber-leftist Chaiman MAObama-bot & sycophant lapdog, Michaelev and his equally imbecilic comrade Darleneski.

    “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play upon.”: — Joseph Goebbles – Minister of Propaganda/SOCIALIST NAZI Party; 1938.

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