Smoke, Dry Lightning/Any Relief in Sight

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Smoke from the six major fires will continue to cause Unhealthful to Hazardous air quality for the next couple of days.  A “Catch 22″ develops as some dry thunderstorms will be passing over the Rogue Valley, Southern Oregon and parts of Northern California.

Dry lightning could aggravate the wildfire situation, but the motion of air being drawn upwards into building thunderstorms will also help to disperse some of the smoke in the valleys.


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  1. Citizen A says:

    We all know the homeless are suffering through this smoke. When it’s freezing, extra shelter is provided. When it’s blazing with 100 degree temps, extra cooling stations are opened. Can you imagine being out in this smoke 24 hours a day? Maybe it’s time for a clean air shelter until this subsides.

    1. Sparrows345 says:

      You first, “Citizen A.” First plan, open up your own home for any and all transient smoke refugees. Show by example. Second, volunteer to help donate time, food, and cash towards fire efforts. Third, telll us also how you are helping hundreds of thousands of animals both domestic and wild who aren’t able to find your shelter.

  2. forest_spirit says:

    Sparrows345: couldn’t agree more!

  3. Crystal says:

    My husband, All of the firefighters and workers are OUT there 24/7. May God keep them OUT OF Harms way..

  4. Anarchy says:

    Sparrows has an issue about helping people, sheesh! Citizen A was just making a good point. I thought there was shelters for all kinds of emergencies but when I called around I have found that most people didn’t even think about the homeless and the smokes affect on the homeless. I actually opened peoples thoughts cuz most have been just thinking of themselves and the firefighters, this smoke is deadly right now in some areas. Thanks Citizen A for your words cuz it made a difference in my life and my phone calls around town to different outreach groups might help make a difference in another persons life!

  5. Danelle Marvin says:

    You second, “Sparrow345″. Nothing has been asked of Citizen A, yet much uninvited hostility has been directed toward this citizen, who simply asked for empathy toward the homeless. Hostile remarks, authoritative orders from lofty perches will not help the morale of the good people of this valley, obviously under duress already. People will remember how we handle ourselves. How we treat each other is important. So, Angry bird, take some uninvited advice from a country Nana and BE KIND.

  6. Citizen A says:


    I have made efforts, however, my ego does not require me to publicize them for a pat on the back. I am equally devastated for all life forms that must endure this smoke with no relief. It is a very sad situation. You can choose to take action yourself or continue to criticize. Everything is a choice.

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