Smoke Can Take Toll on Animals


MEDFORD, Ore. — The smoke from the fires doesn’t only affect us humans, it can also have a big effect on animals and pets.

Large animals, especially horses, may show symptoms of coughing and a runny nose after a few days of exposure to smoke at the levels we are seeing in the Rogue Valley. Vets say symptoms could appear in as soon as five days and last for 4-6 weeks.

They advise keeping water and food close to the animals, keep walking activity low, not to ride horses during smoky conditions and transport less. Animals with pre-existing conditions will worsen in smoky climates.

“With all of the particulates in the air it really irritates their eyes and their lungs just like us if we feel irritation in our eyes or our lungs,” Whitney Madigan from Crater Animal Clinic said.

With all of the particulates in the air they will experience much of the same discomfort we do.