Smoke Becomes Serious Health Issue

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High levels of “Particulate Matter” we call PM 2.5 and PM 10 have moved into the HAZARDOUS range across much of Southwest Oregon and even parts of Northern California.  It really has been so bad, I recommend that you stay inside or use protective masks like the P95 or P100.  You can purchase them at local stores.

There will be smoke throughout the region again on Tuesday, so expect more of the same.  There is a storm system that will move over the Rogue Valley Tuesday night, bringing the possibility of dry lightning, gusty winds and shifting winds.  The good news is, (hoping we don’t have any new lightning fire starts due to the lightning), winds will pick up from the southwest and the smoke will lift high into the atmosphere.  I call it dispersion, but basically it means that we take the lid off of the valleys where a lot of the smoke is trapped and open up the flow of air to jet stream level (25,000 feet).  So, by Wednesday and Thursday, there will be less concentrated and dense Hazardous Smoke.