“Slap” Graffiti Found in Rogue River

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ROGUE RIVER, Ore. — Over the weekend, the Rogue River Police Department received calls that two local businesses were tagged with graffiti. Officials say it was not typical spray painted designs, but what they refer to as “slaps.”

“Slaps” are a type of graffiti where vandals will have a pre-drawn design and will glue it up. Police say it could take a matter of seconds, which makes it harder to catch the offenders.

The two “slap” graffiti faces were found outside a hair salon and a sandwich shop in two different parts of town.

In addition to the two faces, police also found a spray painted symbol with burnt candles near one of the businesses that is consistent with Satanism or Wicca.

Rogue river community members were also shocked to hear of the weekend graffiti trend as well.

“I’ve been here my whole life, and I’ve never, I mean, not that I can remember ever seen any kind of graffiti, not randomly like that,” said Rogur River resident Amanda Shonk.

Rogue River Police ask anyone with information about the incidents to contact them at 541-582-4931.


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  1. Citizen A says:

    The report mentioned a symbol associated with Satanism or Wicca. Those are two entirely different belief systems. It’s like saying, “a symbol associated with christianity or buddhism.”
    Wiccans don’t believe in Satan.

  2. Nola says:

    True dat, Citizen A. Satan is a Christian construct and has nothing whatsoever to do with being a witch, or even Wicca. The shape of a pentagram is used in religious and non-religious symbolism alike. What is that five-sided defense building in Virginia called again?

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