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CAVE JUNCTION, Ore. — On Monday, a skydiving company interested in bringing its business to the Illinois Valley airport, eased the fears of local residents by performing a skydiving demonstration. It was caught on camera exclusively by Newswatch 12.

Three skydivers took to the skies, going up 75 hundred feet and dropping down from a point higher than the clouds.

“I don’t know how to explain that awe of when you first do it,” says skydiver Tom Bogosian.

The company says it wants to bring a different avenue of tourism for Josephine County. But the public has concerns over safety and noise issue. Company owner Urban Moore says for the most part the noise can’t be helped and safety is always a priority.

“It’s done all under the federation aviation administration. The airplanes are designed with a certain engine prop combination and we fly them as safely as we possibly can,” says Moore.

The airport board members are continuing to hold meetings for public input. After more discussion, the company says it’s hoping the public will agree that skydiving won’t just be a sport to do in Josephine County but a lasting experience for anyone willing to take a risk.

“It’s different every time, you never know what you’re going to expect. Like my instructor told me, expect the unexpected and you won’t be disappointed. That’s the beauty of skydiving. It adds a third dimension to where you live,” says skydiving instructor, Mark Shoemaker.

Another meeting is set for September 20, 2012 with board members, the skydiving company and the public. Board members say they want to further discuss safety, noise and liability issues.



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  1. truth be told says:

    before people get all excited about this, they need to educate themselves and be fully aware of the facts that surround this very potentially problematic issue should this be allowed at the IV airport. There are multiple problematic factors: noise, toxic weed spread, litigation, to name but a few . . .

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