Skin Cancer Screenings In Medford

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A doctor’s office on wheels touring more than half of the nation made a stop in Medford on Thursday. The Skin Cancer Foundation sent it’s 38-foot customized RV to Medford in order to help diagnose and treat skin cancer.

Dozens lined up to get free skin screenings. A local doctor donated her time to help, saying timing is everything when it comes to fighting skin cancer. The stop in Medford is one of 85 stops the touring doctor’s office will make, giving people a chance to get the help their insurance can’t give them.

Doctors say it’s important to know the ABC’s of melanoma. A is asymmetrical, doctors advise you to look for uneven borders; C reminds you to look for moles with a variety of color. Doctors say the Diameter is also important to watch; you’re looking for it to be larger than the tip of a pencil eraser, and E means it’s evolving.

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  1. Tracy says:

    I would like to set up some appointments for the screening. I don’t see the phone number. I can be reached at 541-601-7973. Thank you for your time, Tracy

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