Ski Area Development Director Steps Down

mt. ashlandASHLAND, Ore. – The shakeup for the Mt. Ashland Ski Area administration continues, as development Director Rick Saul officially stepped down Thursday.

The ski area was unable to open this season because of a lack of snow, and the administration went through a reorganizing earlier this month. General Manager Kim Clark had been laid off when the full-time general manager position was eliminated.

Saul said that reorganization helped him make his decision to leave the ski area, but said the Mt. Ashland board is taking steps to make up for the past year.

“When you’re in a weather-dependent business you just need to plan for those things a little better, and that’s what they’re focused on doing,” Saul said. “So I think the future for the ski area is really bright.”

Saul has been working in the ski business for 38 years, and said the choice to leave was his own. He said he has enjoyed working with the many number of employees at the ski area through the years. Saul said he would like to continue working in public relations, and plans on staying in the Rogue Valley.

The Mt. Ashland board has said it wants to run the mountain more efficiently, in case they get another year without snow.