Siskiyou Pass Chain Restriction Lifted

Chain Restrictions LiftedNEAR ASHLAND, Ore. — Traffic is slowly getting back to normal near the Siskiyou Summit. The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) put chain restrictions in place for that region on Friday in response to the snowy conditions. Those restrictions were lifted around noon on Saturday. But heavy traffic remained on both sides of the Siskiyou Pass.

ODOT says once the restrictions are lifted, they encourage drivers to remove their chains to avoid damaging the road and their vehicles. But some chain up anyway. “Some people will request it. They’ll say, ‘I know the chain law has been lifted, but I really want to be safe and go ahead and put them on.’ But for the most part once the chain law is lifted, everyone just yells, ‘Yippee!’ and goes,” said Michael Heathman, a chain chain installer.