Siskiyou County Horse Abuse Arrests

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Siskiyou, Calif. — An investigation of animal abuse took months but witnesses and law enforcement say that work has paid off. Two arrests have been made, and deputies expect two suspects to surrender Friday in an animal abuse case in Siskiyou County.

A grand jury indicted four people for the abuse of three horses out on Obsidian Road in the Big Springs area of Siskiyou County. An investigation began in March when reports were made that three horses were severely malnourished, neglected and abused. Despite efforts, two of the horses died. Val O’Conner of The Run for Home Horse Haven found a temporary home for the remaining horse.

O’Conner recently testified in front of the grand jury which indicted four people and ultimately led to the arrest warrants being issued. When NewsWatch 12 spoke with her a few months ago, she said this case was so disturbing because it was unlike many others she’s responded to.

Benigno Eduardo Villegas and Benigno Leon Villegas were arrested Thursday on multiple charges. Deputies say family members have indicated the remaining two suspects plan to turn themselves in Friday.