Siskiyou County Fights for Independence

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YREKA, Calif. — A standing-room only crowd that spilled into the hallway of the Siskiyou County courthouse was on hand Tuesday to voice support for a plan to start over again.

“I’m before you to ask support and an affirmative vote on a resolution to withdraw Siskiyou County from the state of California,” Mark Baird stated, President of Scott Valley Protect Our Water. “We could have a chance to start over, to go back to basic government.”

A pair of similar proposals are circulating. One, to begin again to form a new state from Northern California counties. The other, to withdraw as many counties as possible from the state and its rules, and begin again.

“Over regulation by both state and federal agencies are destroying our economy and our culture and our way of life,” Callahan resident, Liz Bowen, said. “Those who agree with this please raise your hand”.

“I would encourage you to stand up and make yourselves known; nationally, maybe we need to ring the bell for rural communities that we’ve had enough,” Scott Valley rancher, Rich Marshall added.

“There comes a time when we have to stand up and say, ‘No! What you’re doing is wrong!’” county supervisor, Marcia Armstrong, said.

“I don’t want to be here 40 years from now just talking about the State of Jefferson,” county supervisor, Michael Kobseff, declared. “I want it to happen!”

It almost did. On the eve of World War II, in 1941, a provisional governor was elected, but the effort died in favor of uniting the nation for war.

There are actually two parallel proposals, one to reconstitute the county government, and in turn, most of the state government, and the other to go back to the plan that would create a State of Jefferson. Both of those have the same goals in mind, to bring local control back to Siskiyou County.

Supervisors are expected to vote on a resolution in support of the “start over” proposal at their September 3rd meeting.

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  1. Bud Wood says:

    Although I was a native born Californian, I gave up on the state in the mid 1980s. I have now lived in Nevada for 1/4 century. Nevad is a good state, but it could do better. Like maybe Jefferson State will be.

    At this point, it seems the Jefferson state could very effectively be self sustaining. There are lot of positives in Jefferson. However, there will be negative as both California state and Oregon state will be in heavy opposition. Yes, it will be mostly emotional, but emotions rule the political world, so be aware. What’s that in the UN charter about “self determination”?

    My feeling is that before too long, the USA federal system will implode. No, not in any spectacular fashion, but in a drawn-out whimper as states either nullify federal actions or out and out secede. In either case, it will be timely for Jefferson independence to be implemented. When Jefferson independence is achieved (as it can be), there will probably be a lot of outside interest in relocating.

    Many people are vocal that if Texas secedes, they’ll move there. Or “ditto” some other place in the USA. There’s much such publicity. The point is that Jefferson needs to have some big ideas ready for consideration. While Jefferson has limited facilities to attract newcomers, Jefferson could provide a much better basis to build a truly free political entity. Jefferson State needs to be established – – and the opportunity will probably be in the near future.

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