Siskiyou County Contacted For Pot Documentary

By Yessenia Anderson

SISKIYOU COUNTY, Ore. — Jackson and Siskiyou County have been chosen to be featured in a Discovery Channel documentary. The piece highlights the eradication of marijuana in these areas.

Siskiyou County’s focus will be in the drug cartels involvement. Sheriff officials said county board members will look over the documentary contract Tuesday and decide if they want to go a head with the taping or make some tweaks to the contract.

Sheriff officials said this exposure could bring important law enforcement issues to light.

“Issues that arise with cartel operations because essentially what’s happening down in the boarder is imported to counties like Siskiyou,” said Sheriff Jon Lopey.

Sheriff officials said the filming process could begin as early as two to three weeks from Monday. Mendecino County was also asked to participate.

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  1. Linda Lewis says:

    Mike Winters refused DATELINE and a documentary on the murder & arson of Dave Lewis. Yet, Winters never informed the head of homicide that the request had even been made. Let’s hope the spot-light is indeed focused on the marijuana in Jackson county and the FISHY eradications done by Winters and his friend Burl Brim. There was little to no over-sight when Mike started as Sheriff in 2004. Let’s review ALL of his land holdings, Brim’s land holdings, their equipment and their finances. Marijuana eradications and the problem in Jackson County certainly needs to be rooted out. Start with a forensic investigation of these two men.

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