Siskiyou Co. Crash Closes Interstate 5

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NEAR YREKA, Calif. — Icy roads caused car pileup of about 60 cars on Tuesday night on northbound Interstate 5, just 10 miles North of Yreka. The Interstate has re-opened after crews worked early in the morning to re-open it. Officers were dispatched just after 6 p.m. Tuesday evening to a crash just south of the Collier Rest Stop.

This accident caused a chain of events, as cars were unable to properly react in time to the accident and road conditions. There were no reported fatalities, but there were minor injuries and a few serious injuries which had to be evacuated by helicopter.

People involved were transported by bus to the Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds to keep them safe while officials attempted to clean up the debris. This cleanup happened all through the night as crews had to work in stages because of the ice formations on the roads.

Cinders had to be laid on the roads before workers could get in to remove the cars. The cause of the initial accident is not confirmed at this time, but Highway Patrol did say that incorrect speeds on these type of weathered roads are often the cause.