Simulation System Helps Train Officers

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A high-tech simulation program is helping to improve officer skills when it comes to use of force.

The Medford Police Department is using what’s called MILO, an interactive training system where officers are put in a variety of situations and have to react with use of force.

Tuesday was the first day of training with this program. MILO offers hundreds of different scenarios, from handling intoxicated transients to active-shooter situations.

The weapons used are exactly what officers already use while on the job. Like the hand-gun, it’s real but it’s changed, so it acts just like a gun when shooting at the screen.

All of the officers in the department will be trained this week, and Medford Police plan to train using this system several times a year.

“I think it was a really good experience. It’s beneficial for the officers and for training. It kind of goes off of the unexpected, which is what we deal with out on the streets. So, I think it’s really good because we’re interacting with something we don’t know what their actions are going to be,” said Medford Police Officer Elizabeth Muck.

The program allows instructors to rewind each scenario, so they can go over the officer’s response. The system can even record the verbal commands the officer used in each situation. Instructors say this simulation training is also very convenient unlike a scenario-based training they have to set up. Medford Police paid around $30,000 for MILO and they purchased it through drug forfeiture.