Shutdown Stops Military Financial Aid

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — The government shutdown is impacting those who are in the military and trying to earn a higher education at the same time.

A spokesman for the Army National Guard says   students receiving military financial aid through what’s called the “Go Army Education” could be seeing funds come to a halt. If students didn’t get all their paperwork in before October 1st, they will not receive aid.

One student at RCC says he used to sign up for that financial aid but now he only receives military financial aid through the Veterans administration,which means he still has money to pay for school.

“They do a monthly school like payment. So, if you’re a full time student going to school, they’ll pay a monthly allowance of about 500 bucks a month,” explained Nathan Wade Maynard.

Veterans attending school shouldn’t be seeing any impacts with their military financial assistance.  The G.I. Bill is not affected by the government shutdown.