Shut Down Not Impacting Local Cemetery

10-09 rob cemetaryEAGLE POINT, Ore. — About 37,000 people are buried at the Eagle Point National Cemetery, including the three people laid to rest Wednesday.

Burials will continue as scheduled during the government shut down because their positions have been considered essential.

In addition to burials, the “Raise and Realign” project will also continue. For several months now, workers have repaired grave site markers which may have sunken in over time.

The project aims at permanently realigning them, giving them a uniformed look. The money for the project was approved in the previous year, meaning funding for the project has already been set.

Eagle Point National Cemetery director Ted Travers said there are also no impacts to visitation hours and they are up and running as normal.

“If there’es a need for a burial, there’s no impact. We’re fully staffed still and our schedules are on track, so there’s no schedules that we wouldn’t be able to fill,” said Travers.

Travers said his staff of 9 fall under the government’s decision that all aspects of the burial process at national cemeteries are essential.