Shots Fired Near U.S. Capitol

Tory Dunnan contributed to this report. 

(CNN) — Shots were fired near the U.S. Capitol today after a high-speed chase through downtown Washington. The incident started near the White House, where police stopped a black car that was driving erratically.

“There was a vehicle in the vicinity of the White House that apparently attempted to pass a barricade. That vehicle was attempted to be stopped by secret service,” explained U.S. Capitol Police Chief Kim Dine.

Words were exchanged and then there was a chase. It ended outside the gates of the U.S. Capitol, where sources say the driver was shot.

“We have multiple scenes so we’re still collecting evidence. It all appears to be one incident, but multiple scenes,” said Chief Dine.

There was a swarm of police and emergency vehicles. The police put the city on high alert, prompting lockdowns of congressional buildings and the Supreme Court.

“That lockdown has been released. We have no information that this is related to terrorism or is anything other than an isolated incident,” the Chief said. A child reported to have been in the car is not believed to have been harmed.

Senator Jeff Merkley and Representative Greg Walden have both said they and their staff are safe and accounted for. Representative Peter DeFazio has released a statement:

“I am grateful to the brave Capitol Police Officers who guard the Capitol, Members of Congress, our staff, and the public every day. Because of the irresponsible government shutdown, these Capitol Police Officers are currently working without pay. The House needs to quit playing politics, do its job, and pass a budget to put the government back to work as soon as possible.”