Shoppers Flood Local Stores

MEDFORD, Ore. — Christmas shoppers filled local stores in the Rogue Valley Mall this weekend. The National Retail Federation says this time of year, shoppers spend nearly $750 on average for gifts, decorations and greeting cards.

Consumer Credit Counselors in Southern Oregon, however, explained that sometimes holiday spending can get out of hand. Shoppers often spend with their heart, not their head. Local shop owners in the Rogue Valley Mall see the trend in action.

“I’m seeing people being selective about what they’re buying. More meaningful gifts, more personal meaningful gifts,” said Tanja Govenor, with Awestruck Collectibles.

As for post-holiday trends, the National Retail Federation says the industry nationwide will lose an estimated $2.9 billion on fraudulent holiday return items. Overall, 4.6% of all retail returns in the nation are fraudulent.