Shooting Subject Suffered from PTSD

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Neighbors described Stephen McMilon as a former Marine who had severe bouts with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which they believe led to an altercation Sunday in which he was shot and killed by police.

The incident occurred Sunday afternoon along Stewart Avenue and Cherry Street. Police said McMilon was reportedly acting “strangely,” speaking incoherently and brandishing a shotgun while walking down Cherry Street. Shortly after officers arrived, McMilon fired a shot toward one officer. Other officers returned fire, killing him.

Neighbors said McMilon was a Marine veteran of Operation Desert Storm, who liked people to call him “sarge.” They said he had sought treatment for his PTSD at the White City Veteran Affairs Office. Neighbors said McMilon suffered from flashbacks, and said he would become extremely paranoid when he was off his medication. They described his episodes as “code red,” and said that was what probably led him to arm himself Sunday before his altercation with police.

“At different times, he would go into code red. And this was the final code red that he went into because he’s not with us anymore,” said a next-door neighbor Dale, who declined to give her last name.

In 2003, McMilon was accused of using a deadly weapon and endangering another person by firing it outside his previous home on Chestnut Street, but those charges were later dismissed.