Shooting Investigation Continues

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WHITE CITY, Ore. — Mary Ann Beecher lives in the White City neighborhood where officials say 49 year-old Mark Corsbie was shot and killed after trying to force his way inside a home saying that he was being chased.

“One of my neighbors said something about this man was going door to door knocking on everybody’s door. But he never knocked on my door” said Beecher.

Jackson County District Attorney Mark Huddleston said that the use of lethal force in self defense of a home can vary case by case.

“All of these things are tested by the issue of whether or not the use of force is reasonable under the circumstances” said Huddleston.

However Oregon state statute shows three points where lethal force can be acceptable in self defense. If someone is committing or attempting to commit a burglary on your home. A situation where someone is attempting to use deadly force against you. And if someone is committing a felony against you using physical force with or without a weapon.

“Just knocking on somebody’s door obviously doesn’t amount to a situation where the home owner can shoot him. But if the person forces his way in, then it’s a different situation” said Huddleston.

Beecher said she is surprised by what took place but doesn’t expect any more trouble.

“Our neighborhood is very peaceful and loving. You couldn’t ask for a better neighborhood” said Beecher.

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  1. milt church says:

    So who shot the guy,was he forcing his way inyo
    the house just wanting to know.
    hope it will send a message to other stupid people
    that we are not going to take it anymore got what you deserved.
    was he high on durgs or just a dumbass

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