Shooting in White City Neighborhood

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WHITE CITY, Ore. — The Jackson County Sheriff’s office responded to a call that a man had been shot after trying to force his way into a White City home around 1:24 pm Monday afternoon.

Officials say a man was banging on doors trying to force his way in saying he was being chased and needed help. tried to force himself into several different homes. The Sheriff’s office had several calls from different people in the area reporting a similar incident.
The man knocked on a door on Andrea Dr. and was shot by the homeowner. It is unknown how many shots were fired but the man was shot at least once in the shoulder. The man who has not been named by authorities died at the residence. Officials aren’t ruling out the possibility that drugs or alcohol may have been a factor.

“At this point it is unknown if there are mental health issues or drugs or alcohol or anything like that are involved. That will be one of the first things that investigators throughout their process will be looking into to see if that could have been a reason the behavior was as it was” said Jackson County Sheriff’s office official Andrea Carlson.

The homeowner and three witnesses were taken in for questioning. Officials say this is standard protocol.


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  1. Flip says:

    CRANK FREAK dies at the hands of a scared neighbor. I hope for the homeowner’s sake that they can prove the man had entry into the house and that they can prove they were in fear for their life and/or physical harm…because if they can’t….this mess is far from over. Listen up, kiddies: METH IS BAD, METH IS GARBAGE. STAY AWAY FROM IT. FAR AWAY FROM IT. If your friends get involved with it, BEG them to stop. If they don’t…stay away from them, too. Strong, cheap and dangerous..and with it, nothing but tragedy and bad health. METH=BAD.

  2. kae 123 says:

    Castle law. Your home is your castle. No one can enter your castle. If someone is at your door pounding and attempting to come in you have the right. The multiple calls pretty much prove that

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