Shooting Highlights Gun Use in Oregon

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MEDFORD, Ore. — An incident NewsWatch 12 reported about a man who fired what he said was a warning shot toward a wanted felon has gained national attention.

The Medford Police Department and NewsWatch 12 have heard from people around the country. Many have expressed concern as to why police charged Corey Thompson who used his gun in what he said, to protect his property.

On Tuesday, Thompson told NewsWatch 12, 40 year-old Jonathon Kinsella was breaking into his apartment.

“He tried to kick in my door. My back door and come in. So, I stopped him from doing that. I engaged him and when I went out  back, we had a shouting match. And I don’t know if he had a weapon or not,  but  he ran off and tried to break in my neighbors house and then I kind of ran after  him,” said Thompson.

But police did not find any scuff marks or any evidence of a break in.

“If there was evidence to suggest a burglary, we would have charged Mr. Kinsella with a burglary. Guaranteed,” said Medford Police Chief Tim George.

Thompson says he told Kinsella to stop. When he didn’t, Thompson says he fired a warning shot toward the ground out in the parking lot.

“In most incorporated cities, you can’t just charge firearms. Unless you are  authorized by Oregon law to do that in a specific instance,” said Chief George.

Chief George says even if Kinsella was attempting to break in, a person walking away is not justifiable grounds to shoot.

“We could do a lot of what ifs. But the bottom line is, there has to be a specific  crime that has to be occurring at the time while you’re there or it has to be a  threat of violence against you at the time that you’re there,” explained Chief George.

A certified National Rifle Association instructor, John Glassy, says firing warning shots is irresponsible.

“Warning shots in general they are not really effective and we never recommend  that in our  classes. The law is pretty clear on that. Don’t fire warning shots. If you’re justified, you’re justified to shoot to kill,” said Glassy.

The Jackson County District Attorney’s Office has not received the case yet. Thompson is still facing charges of Unlawful Use of a Weapon, Menacing and Reckless Endangering.


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  1. jeff says:

    Unreal, a police chief actually defending a felon criminal over a potential victim who was defending himself, his neighbors and their property.

    Medfords police force is a joke. I have personally seen them lie in a case that was eventually thrown out due to their story being invalidated due to video taken by the “accused”.

  2. G-Man says:

    This is utterly ridiculous! It seems the police chief is more interested in pursuing his insane liberal political agendas than protecting the citizens of Medford. How can it be preferable that the perpetrator be shot dead than that they are given a chance to reconsider their rash actions? I too am a veteran and we are taught to ALWAYS employ a warning shot before resorting to lethal force. We are taught to escalate in steps rather than leaping to the most drastic alternative. The fact of the matter is this…It seems Tim George simply hates a portion of the constitution (the 2nd amendment) that he’s sworn an oath to uphold and therefore should be replaced by someone who would honor his oath.

  3. Dan says:

    Mr. Thompson was preventing this dirt bag from going around the neighborhood stealing stuff, maybe injuring people. I bet Kinsella was trying door handles to see if they were locked.

    Just like with everything else in this country, we don’t allow prevention to happen, it’s either racist, too politically uncorrect, or might offend somebody. From fat, unhealthy people to the black crime and everything else in between the United States is reactionary.

  4. Buck Johnson says:

    The sheriffs will want all of the guns, for their sagebrush rebellion, for the timbermen who are feeding them grants from non-profit foundations. Your sheriff likes guns, and wants them all in the hands of The Nazis. Because he will have trouble controlling you when you find out he is a traitor in the pockets of Nazi timbermen.

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