Shooting Has Parents Keeping Kids Home

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MEDFORD, Ore. – The Connecticut tragedy is hitting home for many parents in Southern Oregon. Some local parents chose to keep their kids away from school on Monday.

NewsWatch12’s Sharon Ko spoke with one parent who chose to keep her son home not only on Monday, but for the entire week. It also seemed like other parents in the Rogue Valley are also choosing to keep their kids home.

On Facebook, NewsWatch12 received about a hundred comments from concerned parents. Many are looking into home-school options. There were also other parents who ended up taking their kids to school, but said it was not easy; they thought twice before doing so.

Elliana Franz’s son goes to Hillside Elementary. She said there’s only so much parents can do, but for now, it gives her peace of mind to have her son home for a few days.

“I know it might put him behind, and he might back track him in school, and his teacher might not like it, but it’s just a week of his life,” Franz said, “and you know, who knows something could happen when he went back, but I feel more comfortable as a parent keeping him home for a week.”

Since Friday, district officials are reviewing security plans with all of its staff and also asked Medford Police to beef up security around the schools. For any other concerned parents, district officials said the door is always open for anyone who wants to discuss the school’s safety protocols.