Shooting At California High School

TAFT, Calif. — One student has been shot at a high school in Taft, California, a community in the southern San Joaquin Valley.

The student who was shot was flown to a hospital. The Kern County Sheriff did not release that students condition. The shooting took place in the science building at the school. Sheriff’s deputies believe a student used a shotgun in the attack and that weapon has been recovered.

Parents said that a teacher was also shot, but his injuries were only minor. The shooting occurred about 9 a.m. At Taft Union High School, an oil and agricultural community about 120 miles northwest of Los Angeles. The suspect is in custody.

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  1. Brent says:

    I taught Physics at inner city high schools in SoCal. for over 16 years and was often pulled out during my afternoon classes to assist with restoring order. If you have opportunity to attend a police academy and serve your community as a reserve officer, it will give you much deeper understanding of the gang dynamics affecting our schools.
    I have taken guns off 390 lb. star football athletes in fear of gangs…as well as from 89 lb. kids tired of being abused. I seen brains splattered all over the back of an RTD bus and horrific street battles, a few right on or near school grounds. So very much is never reported.
    It is unconscionable of school administrators to allow students with gang affiliations to attend school with others. If I were head of the DOE, even hint of gang membership or interest and gangster would be pulled out and placed in an infantry unit. These guys want to be Pancho Villa or “Monster”, then serve the military industrial complex.
    We have lost our representation in Washington DC now for decades. I’m ashamed that my Commandant, General Amos hasn’t ordered assassinations of politicians and ceo’s working to destroy our Bill of Rights…destroy our liberties.

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