Shifting Back to Hot & Dry

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High pressure in the Pacific will push the jetstream further north into next week which will shift our weather from cool and wet yesterday to hot and dry. Temperatures on Tuesday will be the hottest of the week and the hottest of the last several weeks with highs for some areas climbing into the top 3 for record temperatures for September. All of this heat after an unseasonably chilly night Friday! Saturday morning will be one of the coolest mornings of the season with a frost advisory in effect for the east side for temperatures dropping to 33 to 36 degrees for the coldest spots. But after Saturdays cold morning temperatures will rebound quickly, in fact tomorrow afternoon will be unseasonably warm for all areas tomorrow!

The jetstream will continue to push north as the high pressure builds in and this will bring even warmer temperatures to the area. The warming trend will really ramp up midweek with highs in the mid to upper-90s for west side valleys and mid to upper 80s on the east side. Temperatures at the coast will continue to stay warm through the weekend with highs in the upper-70s and low 80s, with Brookings the warmest spot due to the Chetco Effect. Temperatures will cool by late week and we could see the potential for Cascade thunderstorms.

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Meteorologist Megan Parry