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CAVE JUNCTION, Ore. — Work continued late Monday afternoon at Taylor’s Sausage in Cave Junction as a night shift clocked in for the first time after owner Terry Taylor received an e-mail last week he says made him do a double take.

“My heart started to sink because I figured that they were just telling me more bad news,” said Taylor.

Taylor said business has been doing well and he needed to expand to a night shift to help meet demand. A second USDA inspector was needed, however, and up until last week Taylor’s requests were denied. His patience, however, has paid off.

“I would say the fact that we played ball with them, we spent the three weeks of paying the overtime inspection and the fact that we really do need this second shift,” said Taylor.

Expanding to a night shift allows employees like Larry Headly to continue to have a steady income after his previous employer, Rough and Ready, laid him off when they closed their doors last month.

“It was kind of stressful at first, me and my wife talked about it. I talked about it maybe trying to find a different job, but I talked to my buddy Jason and he was like ‘well no, just hold on, we’re trying to push this,'” said Headley.

Headley said the addition of the night shift has a direct impact on his family.

“It means a bigger paycheck so we can buy more diapers for our children,” said Headley.

Taylor said the second shift allows him to retain about two dozen employees and will lead to future job openings.

“There’s a lot of happy families out here that will be able to stay in the Illinois Valley and not have to leave to the cities or something,” said Taylor.

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  1. connie says:

    I love this! I’ve been buying Taylor’s for many years! THANK YOU FOR A GREAT PRODUCT!! Also, thank you for emplying more Southern Oregonians! :) SUPPORT LOCAL SOUTHERN OREGON COMPANIES!! :)

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