Shelters React to Animal Abuse Law

8-23 animalsMEDFORD, Ore. – Local animal shelters are praising a decision from the state to give animals the same basic protections as humans.

Many of the dogs and cats at places like SoHumane are bruised or emaciated from abuse or neglect.

Their Executive Director says the decision, which allows police the authority to enter a person’s property without a warrant to save animals, will spare many of those pets from becoming abused to the point that they’re no longer adoptable.

But he says there may still be questions around how to act in those situations.

“That’s really the question for law enforcement now, does the dog go back to the owner if they agree to start providing proper care? How do you monitor that care?” said SoHumane Executive Director Kenn Altine.

The agency anticipates the new ruling will increase the amount of animals in local shelters.