Abuse Victim’s Father Files Lawsuit

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The Medford School District is facing a $5 million lawsuit in connection to a sex abuse case. The man filing the suit claims the school released his son to a registered sex offender, Richard Taylor.

NewsWatch12 spoke with that victim’s father last year in February, after Taylor’s sentencing. He said his the son felt sick at school. After school officials couldn’t reach him or his son’s mother, they released the boy to Taylor, but the victim’s attorney says Taylor had no relationship whatsoever to the family.

Taylor ended up sexually abusing that boy, along with another 12-year-old boy and videotaped it. The father was told since six months passed, he couldn’t pursue anything legally against the school, but the new attorney representing the victim’s father says the district didn’t follow school rules.

“From my perspective, that is one of the driving motivators is to make this known that, hey, bad things do happen when rules aren’t followed, and this is an important rule to follow,” the father said.

Taylor was sentenced in February of last year. He will spend his life in prison without the possibility of parole. Medford School Superintendent Phil Long had no comments at this time. The attorney representing the victim plans to take statements from the district and figure out exactly who released the child to Taylor.


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  1. ED says:

    They released the boy to a non-family member, and later the boy was raped buy this guy? WOW how can they not be held lieable? This school dist has a real problem with this kihd of stuff. My son went to this school a few years ago and had another male student attack him in the locker room, At that time this student grabed my sons head and started acting as if he were having sex with him. My son defended him self by punching the other boy in the testys and fleeing to the office to report what happend. The school called me to the office, were they told me they were to expell my son for fighting. I brought up the fact that this was a sexual assult that happend on school grounds, and that my son has the legal right to defend himself, and that if any action was taken aginst my son would end up in a lawsuite aginst the school dist. I support this father and would like to say to Phil Long, dude you have a real problem in not keeping control, your school office workers dont follow your own rules and released this por boy to this pervert. Sir I think you need to step down, Its clear to me you cant perform your job, and keep our kids safe. I just wonder how many other problems like this have been covererd up.

  2. Cindy says:

    Schools need to take parents more seriously when they complain that a child is being bullied. Too often, the offenders do not get caught and the teachers downplay the parent’s concerns. Also, it’s kind of chaotic releasing kids from schools. I don’t see how a middle school can keep track of who every child leaves with, except in cases like this where the child leaves early due to illness. Something obviously went wrong. So sad. Schools are playgrounds for abuse these days, both from other kids and from creepy adult predators. I hope the predator is never released from prison and I hope this child can heal from this nightmare. Ironically, CA wants to pass a bill that allows pervert men to justify their attraction to little boys. Get your kids out of the schools. :(

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