Sex Abuse Investigation

MEDFORD, Ore. – The attorney for two child sex abuse victims claims the suspect committed the crimes while working as a volunteer for the Oregon Department of Human Services. But DHS says they’ve never heard of the man.

Mark Alex Tabor was arrested earlier this week on sex abuse charges. Now, attorney Tom Petersen says Tabor sexually abused two young girls while Tabor was acting as a DHS chaperone, supervising visits between the girls and their father. Petersen says he is seeking more information about the case, but says his information shows that the family was told Tabor was the official chaperone.

DHS is disputing that claim. The Jackson County District Manager said there is no record that Tabor was ever employed by DHS Child Welfare in Oregon. District Manager Doug Mares said he has no knowledge of Tabor or his suspected crimes. He also said that all employees go through a strict background check.

The criminal case against Tabor is continuing. He is currently still lodged in the Jackson County Jail.


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  1. Brenda says:

    Everyone know’s how much I hate DHS, but I know that this guy has not been on any of the employee lists through Jackson County DHS, and I personally am willing to bet that DHS is actually telling the truth in this, as the guy doesn’t look familiar at all. And just because someone supervises visits doesn’t make them an employee of DHS, he could have been however a private party that was ok’d to do supervising visits, But again that doesn’t make him an employee of DHS.

  2. e says:

    None of the approved visitation monitors are EMPLOYED by the counties. It’s usually a contractor’s employee, so he was volunteering OR more likely getting something out of it. Nice try, DHS, trying to distance yourselves, I don’t buy the b.s., in most cases the monitors have their own offices inside the DHS building and are very snuggly with each other.

    Most people working as a visitation monitor are trying to become CPS social workers themselves.

  3. bea says:

    Is it common for these monitors to babysit the kids? Because I saw him with all the kids not to long ago. In a public place. And one of the teen girls was being super physical and touchy feely with him. And it really bothered me. And neither of the parents were anywhere. They did all leave together along with the 2 young men who are in jail for assault. I am under the impression that one of those boys is the mothers boyfriend.

    I don’t know what he did or didn”t do. I can’t speak to that. He could have done all of it and may deserve jail. But maybe someone should look into exactly what the nature of the relationship was. I personally was left with a very different impression after what I saw. Also as parents we have an obligation to teach our kids boundaries…..super important.

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