Sewage Treatment Plant Clean Up

Gold-Hill-Sewer3GOLD HILL, Ore. — The City of Gold Hill is under orders from State Environmental Officials to clean up its sewage treatment operation, and Monday night the City took another step forward to do this.

The Council agreed to hire a contractor to complete studies on the City’s waste water collection system. City officials said 75 percent of those lines have been inspected and look fine, but the other 25 percent require more in-depth examination.

Margaret Dials of the Gold Hill City Council said, “This other company will come in and remove the rock and finish scoping or televising the lines that we have so we know what’s going on down there. And it’s clean. Then we’ll be able to make some assessment of what to do next.”

To take pressure off the 40-year old treatment plant, contractors are hauling sewage sludge by truck to the White City disposal site for now.