Police Arrest Alleged Firearm Thief

MEDFORD, Ore. — On Thursday around 4 a.m. Medford police received a report about a possible burglary on Brookhurst Street. Upon arrival, police learned that an unknown person broke into the home of a 55 year old male while the victim was away. The suspects are behind bars.

The suspects were able to force open a locked door to enter the residence. The suspects stole seven guns from the residence and also various collector coins. The loss of these items totals approximately $2,000. The guns are unique in that they were mostly black powder muzzle loaders and/or antique replicas and all functioning.

The firearms identified as stolen are described as a .50 caliber flintlock pistol, a .44 caliber carbine rifle (6 shot), a .50 caliber flintlock rifle/Blueridge, a .54 caliber single shot rifle (Traditional Hawken Percussion Rifle with red rifle sleeve, red band mid-point and a leather sling), a .44 caliber revolver with naval scene on cylinder, a 12 gauge single shot shotgun (New Englander), and a .22 caliber revolver (9 shot from World War I era).

Police arrested 21-year-old William Sandercock for burglary and theft. Medford Police also arrested Randall Kirby, 31, for similar charges. Detectives recovered all but one of the guns.

Detectives determined Sandercock was able to open several credit card accounts under the burglary victim’s name, so he is also behind bars on identity theft charges.