Settlement Reached Between Manor and PRS

MEDFORD, Ore. — A settlement has been reached between the Rogue Valley Manor Residents Steering Committee and Pacific Retirement Services after months of negotiations. Several different settlements were being considered before the residents overwhelmingly chose one.

The battle has been going on for several months but came to an end on Monday. About 970 residents live at the Rogue Valley Manor, and of those who responded to the vote, more than 97% of them voted in favor of Monday’s settlement. Several different issues were cleared up in the agreement.

There will now be an independent board of directors chosen by residents. In addition, the two parties worked through issues on some properties that had been disputed in the past. PRS management fees will also be capped for the next three years. $400,000 in monthly fees will also be given back to residents this year.

Steering Committee Chair Earl Norgard says some prospective residents who had yet to move in to the Rogue Valley Manor contributed to the legal fund. Norgard says the settlement makes the manor much more stable for the future and attractive to future residents.