Set Police Team Target Gang Activity

Police Beat MEDFORD, Ore. — Gang activity in west Medford is frightening people in their own neighborhoods.

The Medford Police Department is taking a different approach to solve gang-related crimes. There is now at least two  full-time officers who focus on gang suppression and find potential gang members before they break the law.

News Watch 12 spoke to a woman who lives in west Medford. She did not want to go on camera for fear of retribution.

“You never know, someone could get mad. We had a car vandalized behind our house and garage tagged,” she said.  The resident says she’s seen her fair share of gang-related crimes.

“They were shooting in the ground to intimidate someone.  You know, that  wasn’t publicized on the news but it happened. There’s a lot  that goes on around here that doesn’t make the news,” she explained.

Police are working to curb gang activity so residents don’t have to live in fear. A team of officers are now dedicated to gang activity in the area. The  officers are focused on Medford’s dominant gangs, which are the Nortenos and Sorenos. Police say they have noticed a difference.

“We have absolutely seen a  decrease in that and we’re not getting the calls for service for gang activity  then we did a month ago,” explained Medford Police Lt. Curtis Whipple.


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  1. ben says:

    wait till they come and intimidate a vetran, I dont play games, these thugs WILL go down….

  2. mark says:

    For years. the Mail Tribune said these gang-bangers were just “wanna-be’s”. Finally, the media, police, and public admit that we are cursed with the real deal. I’m not interested in compromising with this element.
    As Roosevelt said, “…carry a big stick,” letting all know this behavior will not be tolerated in our community.

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