Sequester Means Cuts For Seniors

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Local seniors brace for budget cuts to things like Meals On Wheels and disability services as leaders in Washington, D.C. run out of time to come to an agreement on billions of dollars in spending cuts.

The effects of the so-called “sequester” may not be felt for several weeks or months, but local agencies are already preparing for budget cuts.

Nearly 4,000 seniors in Jackson and Josephine counties received meals from Food and Friends last year, but that organization says it could see a 10% cut because of the spending cuts in Washington.

The Rogue Valley Council of Governments says it is still very early to know exactly how the sequester will affect it’s budget, but it’s anticipating a 10% cut and that could affect meal sites and availability of the Meals On Wheels program.

The RV COG says it went through a similar funding scare last year during the fiscal cliff talks, and officials there want politicians to stop putting important services in the middle. Respite Support, which uses volunteers to help family caregivers in Jackson County, could also see cuts under the sequestration.

The RV COG says there have not needed to put any seniors on a waiting list for Meals On Wheels yet, but if the cuts end up being deep, they may have to start.

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  1. Sandi says:

    My husband sat down with a calculator…most of the things they said would be cut 100’s of 1000’s of dollars and then claimed this many people would loose services….most turned out, if they actually did serve as many people as they said would be impacted, those people would have had about $28 on average spent on them from a govt program – in other words…it’s all garbage. And besides all that, $85 billion is a drop in a huge, endless ocean of spending. Even Obama, whose idea Sequester was in the first place and after endless days and wasting yet more millions traveling around the country screaming the sky was going to fall and we were all gonna die terrible deaths, busy blaming everything on everyone else (primarily republicans), called the whole thing ‘dumb’ within seconds of the deadline passing without the gop caving. And the journalists and news outlets just keep on smiling.

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