Sequester Affecting Table Rock Trash

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The sequestration budget cuts have impacted the Bureau of Land Management in Southern Oregon and now they are asking for a helping hand from the public. Crews may be unable to perform maintenance on BLM trails and say the public can help.

The trails are clear and the trash cans are near empty right now but because of budget cuts Bureau of Land Management maintenance crews will be limited in the amount of time they can spend keeping an eye on the up-keep of trails and campgrounds in Jackson and Josephine Counties.

BLM officials encourage the public to be mindful of the trails they use and to keep an eye out and alert the BLM office for any issues. Some hikers say they have no problem picking up after themselves and said it is the least they can do to ensure everyone will be able to continue to enjoy the trails.

BLM officials say it isn’t the trash cans or other materials themselves that keep the cost high it’s the crew that is smaller than in previous years they are working with.

“Pack out your trash, it’s not that it’s a huge cost for the trash cans but it does cost us to go and patrol those areas and empty the trash and that eats up time that people could be doing something else,” said Jim Whittington Bureau of Land Management.

Officials went on to say that there will be fewer BLM representatives to ask questions while out recreating on the campgrounds or trails. It was just announced today that some of the campground and six bathrooms at Hyatt Lake will open for the season this Friday.

The opening is a few weeks later than usual while permanent BLM crews could get the preparations done.