Senior Fair Benefits Others in Need

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The ACCESS Senior Fair continues to benefit the elderly and the disabled long after the door close.   Some of the money raised goes to ACCESS’ Senior and Disabled Outreach Program to help people like Evelyn Dowd.

At 95 years old, Evelyn Dowd is still going strong, living on her own and taking care of herself, but there are some tasks she can’t do, including fixing a broken heater.

A member of ACCESS’ Senior Outreach Program, Evelyn was able to get assistance quickly. During a routine visit from an ACCESS volunteer, they noticed Evelyn was heating her house with space heaters. When they found out, her normal heater had stopped working, the outreach program sent in a crew, and bought her a new one.

“They brought a brand new one in, and I was amazed,” said Evelyn.  “It’s a big one too, and it cost a lot of money… about $2,000.”

Evelyn is living primarily off of her pension check, and therefore she said she would not have had the money to replace the heater by herself.

ACCESS’ Senior Outreach program is geared for people just like Evelyn.  It is aimed at helping the elderly or disabled who are in their homes and able to live independent lives.

“People and seniors who are disabled live on a fixed income, and they don’t have the opportunity to go and get jobs to increase their income,” said Senior and Disabled Outreach Program coordinator, Barbara Bieg.

Thanks to the help of the outreach program, Evelyn is safe and warm inside of her heated home, and with routine check-ups from program volunteers, she will be able to stay there.