Senator Wyden Talks With High Schoolers

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PHOENIX, Ore. — High school students in Phoenix and Ashland tackled some tough government issues on Thursday. Senator Ron Wyden visited two schools in his “Listening to the Future” tour.

Senator Wyden is explaining what’s been going on in Congress for the last three weeks to local high schoolers; everything from the government shutdown, medical marijuana legalization, to problems with the healthcare website.

When one student posed a question about the Affordable Care Act, Senator Wyden likened it to a farmer’s market. He says the new healthcare law allows Americans to lay their choices on the table and pick the one that’s right for them.

Senator Wyden says fixing the problems with the healthcare.gov website is a main priority for him. He says his focus is getting the exchange up and running, and answering the questions of the American public.

“I think what’s especially important is that the administration be very transparent, my understanding is they’re going to have frequent briefings for the press to describe actions that they have taken every few days, I think that’s the key step,” said Senator Wyden.

He also said federal employees in Southern Oregon will have some of the same choices for healthcare as he does as a congressman, but those choices won’t be available until everyone has access to the website.

Senator Wyden’s “Listening to the Future Tour” is aimed at government, civics, and leadership high school students, but some of the students NewsWatch12 spoke with from the debate team say they enjoyed the talk, but would’ve liked to ask more controversial questions.