Senator Wyden Meets With State Officials

MEDFORD, Ore. — Early Friday afternoon Senator Ron Wyden met with officials from across Southern Oregon this afternoon to discuss the upcoming fire season, “When you have fires all over the West, which is what these maps in back of me really tell you, it’s a real juggle.”

Wyden met with officials from a variety of agencies ranging from the Oregon Department of Forestry to Crater Lake National Park. Those in attendance shared their concerns about the upcoming fire season in Southern Oregon.

The year’s fire season has yet to begin but officials say it is knocking on the door and has already shown signs of being a long season. Hot, dry weather combined with low snow pack and an increase risk in ignitions later this summer of crews anticipating a busy season.

The senator says he will take the thoughts and concerns from the meeting and share them during his June 4th meeting with the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, a committee he chairs.

“What I want people in Southern Oregon to know is that I’m going to pull out all the stops to make sure that we maximize cooperation, use the resources in the most efficient way and make sure we have a more sensible set of priorities.”

Last year about a million acres burned in Oregon and after Friday’s meeting, Bureau of Land Management officials said they were optimistic and thankful for the communication with the senator.
Officials also say it appears the critical resources and resource allocation will hit when the calendar flips to August and September.