Senator Hosts Town Hall Meeting

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Jackson County residents had the opportunity to have their number called and ask Senator Ron Wyden a question or make a suggestion or comment on what they would like to see happen this year in Washington D.C.

“There was many students in the audience that had really pressing questions and I think that if all of our senators did that it would make a huge difference,” said Southern Oregon University Student Body President Joshua Danielson.

Sunday’s town hall meeting at Southern Oregon University was the first this year, but is nothing new for the senator.

“We’ve had almost 650 of them and I think this is the way the founding fathers wanted it to be,” said Senator Wyden.

Senator Wyden spoke on a wide range of topics from immigration to social security. All topics, however, came back to the issue on the minds of most in the room; the economy.

“What I’m going to be focused on is getting their input particularly on how to strengthen the economy and I think the heart of that is a new set of spending priorities,” said Senator Wyden.

Senator Wyden said he wants to help rural communities around the country who depend on natural resources to form a coalition and strengthen their economies.

“This ought to be the year we get rural communities off the fiscal roller coaster that revolves around the timber payments laws,” said Senator Wyden.

Those who attended the town hall were thankful they had the opportunity to have their voices heard.

“This time was very important that people all got to put in their say. He listens to people, and so I just think this could be a better timed event,” said Jackson County resident Rich Rohde.