Senate Says Cheers to Wine Growlers

SALEM, Ore. — A popular to-go container may expand it’s reach. The Oregon Senate raised a glass to the wine industry and it’s expansion into the growler.

A unanimous vote approved wineries, restaurants and grocery stores to dispense wine in the consumer-supplied beverage containers. Growlers are glass bottles of up to two gallons. Bella Union in Jacksonville is one of several restaurants that’s seen the growlers success with beer and anticipates the same with wine.

“To be able to sell wine the same way that we do to growlers for beer, out of a reusable container for people going up to Britt or wanting to dry the wines we don’t offer by the bottle,” says general manager Christian Hamilton. “You know I don’t see how it could possibly do any bad.”

The growlers reusable function is a big selling point and so is the fact that it uses less glass per filling and no cork.

The measure now goes to Governor Kitzhaber for his signature.